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frequently asked questions


What workload is your company capable of? In order to ensure quality work and close coordination with customers, we generally handle no more than a handful of major projects at a time. We routinely bring in trades such as plumbers, electricians, HVAC installers, roofers and stone masons to ensure adequate staffing for the size of the job. The size of our jobs varies from large additions to small bump-outs with detached garages, decks, etc.

Do you ever work with Realtors and Property Management companies?  We work very closely with local Realtors and Property Management companies on jobs ranging from, but not limited to: All interior and exterior improvements, flooring, grout/caulk, drywall, landscaping and much more!  From prepping homes before hitting the market, completing home inspection addendums before closing, or handling Property Management requests, our crew members are always available to deliver quick results without compromising quality. 

What geographic area do you cover? We work in Loudoun County, Clarke County and, to a limited degree, in Fairfax County.

Do you give free estimates? We are a design-to-build company. As such, we will work with the customer to define the work to be done and provide a proposal which includes pricing. Detailed cost data will be provided as part of the contract. 

How do you handle changes to the scope of work? Change order processing is one of the most critical aspects of the overall contract performance. Properly done, all parties are informed and satisfied. Improperly done, it can fatally flaw the entire job. Accordingly, all contact change orders will be in writing with the customer being advised of the cost and schedule implications.The customer will be asked to sign-off on all change orders in advance.

What sort of job progression can I expect? On significant sized contracts, we will implement a rather formal reporting procedure which will keep the customer fully informed as to scheduled completion milestones, any delays (including reasons) and estimated schedule/cost impacts. Likewise, the customer will be provided with a means to communicate with the contractor (verbally and in writing) to express concerns, question work done, and ask for advice.

What is your warranty policy on completed work? The specific warranty provisions are contained in the signed contract. A.A. Smith Construction is proud of our history of total customer satisfaction. A satisfied customer is one who is pleased long after the work is completed, willing to recommend the contractor to others, and often times becomes a repeat customer. In short, our reputation is your guarantee. We also provide a 1 year materials and labor warranty upon completion of work.

How can I express my satisfaction or dissatisfaction with the contractor? A.A. Smith Construction employs a robust critique sheet procedure which is reviewed with the customer and which forms the foundation for our continuing improvements. We are constantly trying to do a better job in every aspect of our performance.

If I want to recommend your firm to others, how can I do that? We have a referral form which we provide our customers upon completion of each job to continue building our business base. These forms are compiled to show prospective clients how well we are doing in the eyes of our greatest critics: our customers.

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